Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A week in the world

* Gay marriage in the US Supreme Court no longer a shoo-in to win the approval of the court.

* Nepal on its knees with more than 5,000 dead from earthquake.

* Asylum seekers drowning on Europe's doorstep in great numbers, as anti-immigration voices rise and Australia's PM tells Europe to send 'em back, like he did.

* The UK general election, forecast to produce a slight conservative victory, which would give the balance of power to the left-wing Scottish nationalists.

* US riots over the repeated killing of black men by white police.

* Olympic gold medalist who competed as a man declares 'for all intents and purposes' s/he is a woman.

* 'Spinster' reclaimed by woman writer as a progressive term for those who embrace an independent life beyond marriage.

* The aspiring first woman leader of 'the free world', Hillary Clinton, accused -
by a woman -  of delivering 'the most inept, phony... and meaningless'
presidential campaign launch ever.

* And finally, from the world of waste and whales: Advertisers for not so cheap junk infiltrate serious magazines with drop out catalogues selling 'mop slippers' that clean your floors while you (female feet) walk all over them making sure not to miss a single spot, and cushioned toilet seats with 'lovely whale design' lids for your female finger to poke appreciatively that will be approximately 7.5 thousand times harder to clean shit and urine-soaked pubic hair off than porcelain. But never mind; you'll have the lovely whale design to gaze at while you work.

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