Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reflections on the last days of summer

Officially, the Southern hemisphere summer is over, but the weather doesn't necessarily know that. Nor does my husband. He's still swimming in the sea, as I should be, but instead, I'm taking photos, like this one. 

This is the expansive front window of one of the grand houses that live at the entrance to our local beach, reflecting the pohutukawa trees that stand, protected by law, between it and the view. I don't much like aluminium joinery, but I quite like the juxtaposition here of the thin, hard-lined, fair-skinned aluminium against the thick, dark, entwining branches of the native trees. And I guess it's better that no trees of any kind were felled in the making of this view. 

Summer might be over, but the pohutukawa lives on.



  1. Yes, long live the pohutukawa - nature's own Christmas tree, heralding the beginning of summer.

  2. When in brief bloom at the other end of the year, yes indeed.