Tuesday, October 21, 2014


You be the judge. 

Guess what it is and I'll give you, I don't know, a tongue scraper? Better still, my respect, for being a top-notch guesser. 

You, my number one follower, might have a slight advantage... but then you always have had. 

Apologies to those who expect more of me. I am wriiiiiiiiiiiting... 

Ps: Mystery of the suspicious sick solved in the comments. 


  1. What the...?
    I’m racking my brain, here. May come back with an answer...

    Number one follower

  2. Well if you don't know, nobody know

  3. Is it the result of an egg cracked while boiling..?

  4. I wish it were, for your sake, but alas no. Still, it's nice to have a little mystery in life now and then :)

  5. I should put my thousands of readers out of their misery. It is not sick, indeed, nor is it an eggy outpouring. It is a porridge pan left to soak, so there. Mystery solved.