Friday, October 17, 2014

Power to the Pen

I've just a moment ago (drum roll please) put the final full-stop, in pen, to the fourth -- and bloody well better be -- final draft of the book I've been writing ALL YEAR. Of course it now needs to be converted to the computer. But that will NOT be another redraft, such is my undying faith in my not so humble pen.

I am at least a hundred times faster writing in pen than tapping the keys, and possibly as a result of this greater speed and ease, I feel much more in tune with and absorbed by the writing than on the keyboard so that the thoughts flow altogether easier and sweeter.

Basically what I am saying is that I am on intimate terms with my pen, whereas my keyboard is still an ugly and bumbling appendage. Indeed it is an ugly and bumbling appendage upon an ugly and bumbling appendage because operated over the top of my lap-top keyboard which I apparently broke by hitting the space bar too hard. Please. Bloody fragile keyboards. What a bunch of wusses!
Keyboards, I mean; not you, pretty pen.