Thursday, August 22, 2013

The morning after

My first blog post here on OWW was dedicated to the April rain that broke the long summer drought. How times change...

This here BIG brolly is sunning itself on our lawn, also sunning itself after a mighty storm came through in a rage yesterday and continued all through the night, taking out our hot water, as we discovered this morning. Sometimes you can get too much rain, too fast and for too long. At the end of the winter here, it now rather feels that way.

Even this well-endowed brolly failed in the face of the wild weather when I took it on an ill-advised walk to the beach yesterday and made it only as far as the edge before the brolly said: 'Look: if you're fool enough to head out into that wild weather, I'm not!' and promptly took off in the opposite direction. And fair enough too. I captured it with a considerable amount of undignified scrambling, given that it's practically bigger than me, and brought it home. But this morning, when all had calmed down and I'd come to my senses, I decided the BIG brolly, having been through a lot, deserved a nice leisurely sunning on the grass, where it still stands pleasantly propped, as if to say: 'That's more like it.' And quite right too.

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  1. Love the photo - at first I didn't realise was the front lawn