Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is that my son???

Now normally I don't worry about my children...

Dunedin 10 April, 2018
but these are not normal times...

Now I know the EPIC storm that hit our little island(s) yesterday is not ALL about me and mine -- there has been serious flooding and mud slips and record hail and airport closures from the top to the bottom of this normally quite sensible country when it comes to weather (if you discount earthquakes). But our youngest moved down south to Dunedin a couple of months back and HE IS NOT ANSWERING MY MESSAGES TODAY REQUESTING INFORMATION AS TO HIS WELL-BEING AND THE WORST STORM DAMAGE IS IN DUNEDIN!!

So I am a little worried.

If this is him -- those black jeans look awfully familiar -- then I am not reassured that he is totally fine and looking after himself as he promises us he is!  

If it is not him I am even more worried as he might be in worse straights than this! At least this chap is running! Our youngest is so nonchalant these days he is liable to stroll through a storm (or try to). 

Alternatively, he might be asleep. I never thought I'd be pleased to know one of my boys was asleep after midday, but at this point that's presenting itself as the best case scenario. Fingers crossed.

Some more photos of yesterday's storm from the north island (Auckland and the Bay of Plenty) --

News flash! Number two son is alive and well (and awake), enjoying the unseasonable autumn snow in Dunedin and not running around in the rain. 

Actually I was kind of hoping it was him in the hoody running, not only because he's running, but because it's been a few months since I've clapped eyes on him doing anything, as he resists my requests for photos. 

Have to wait for the next storm, I guess. 


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