Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Womb With a View of Virginia

If we continue to exaggerate our differences

of sex, race and religion, we risk

becoming united only in

our opposition to

one another; 

the united

fates of


Postscript: This was actually a poem intended for a different text and moment in time, and doesn't quite bend to a celebration of Virginia Woolf's 136th birthday, I agree. 

For Virginia Woolf was the woman who explained to the world, in her example and words, that women must be given the freedom and resources to write 'without hate, without bitterness, without fear, without protest, without preaching.' And I fear Woolf would say that my womb poem fails this test on at least one count. But to serve my little, unoriginal, pun on the womb with a view I have used it here anyway - she does not say anything directly about vanity, but perhaps that's goes without saying.

So in clumsy but sincere tribute, I say happy birthday and thank you, Virginia Woolf. I loved, most of all, riding your Waves. 


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