Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Go Google!

Google's celebration today of Zaha Hadid the Iraqi-British woman who was the first of her gender to win the top architectural prize (in 2004) and pretty much all other architectural design prizes that are awarded around the world, a woman who substantially reshaped modern architecture  indeedhits just the right note in response to the latest round of terror inflicted upon the world and the world's females especially.

Like I said in my previous post, and as Time magazine reiterates in its latest edition, this latest terror attack should be in large part understood as an attack on women's efforts to move beyond traditional gender roles and divisions and to challenge the principle of male superiority that upholds them in all countries around the world, if perhaps most violently by those who use suicide bombs to express their profound resentment and rejection of female emancipation.

Go Google I say for offering an alternative response to terror other than the increased presence of armed officers on the streets, as if guns can fix this. This sophisticated, creative and peaceful response to terror reminds us that beauty beats bombs and equality beats evil which doesn't bring the murdered back but it does suggest a better way forward and perhaps, at best, provides the faint hope that those who were killed didn't die in vain.

And thank you Zaha for your inspiring example and buildings; a woman for our times indeed.


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