Friday, February 26, 2016

Suffer not the suffragettes

Go Te Papa!  (Check out the link).

Our national museum, Te Papa, has just bought, for $40,000, the bravery (valour) medal awarded to Frances Mary Parker who was the Kiwi-born leader of the Scottish suffragette movement.

Parker was imprisoned and force-fed many times. She was in the 'militant' arm of the movement, prepared to risk her life and go to prison to see the beginnings of equal rights for women.

She was a hero in the proper sense.

Te Papa says there is no other medal like this known to have survived. Te Papa believes the medal is unique and has a unique historical significance for New Zealand, as Parker moved from New Zealand to London and Scotland where she remained, just before the vote for women was introduced in New Zealand.

Te Papa believes it likely that Parker was inspired by that change and used that inspiration to push for change in Scotland.

So brava Frances Mary Parker, and bravo Te Papa Tongarewa (the keeper of treasures).

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