Friday, January 22, 2016

Sunset Study II

I took this photo - with plenty zoom - from my study window a few evenings back and posted it on Facebook. Three 'likes', one comment. Really? 

Now I know it's unseemly to brag, but compared to the 'look at me in Timbuktu' photos that saturate Facebook, as well as the 'look at my pets', my kids and my friends photos, this is a pretty modest brag on my part, with nature taking 99% of the credit. All I did was think fast then wait patiently for the zoom on my crap camera - that needs its battery replaced with every shot - to sort itself out. It's not as if I'm taking credit for the sunset.

Perhaps part of the problem is the fact that I have a room with such a view and don't have to go to Timbuktu to see it. If that's the problem, then I guess that's different; I am indeed lucky to have such a view and probably shouldn't brag about it. But still, it's a photo worth taking, is it not, and most of my Facebook friends are fairly well situated themselves. 

And this is my study view at its best, and in major zoom, as I said. The actual window through which I view this mighty vista is a measly 40 x 40cms, in a basic wooden frame that's not yet painted after seven years and glass that hasn't been cleaned for the same length of time (because it's hard to get to; that's my story and I'm sticking to it), which means the window has to be opened so wide it's a challenge to retrieve it afterwards, in order for a photo like this to be taken. 

Perhaps that's what I should take a photo of next time: unpainted wood and hard-to-clean glass.