Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brain Pain

I have a pain in my brain like a spike. The scalp all around the spike is sensitive, even the hair, and there are two pressure points several inches away from the spike (I have a big head). It's at the top to the right side a bit and it's been hurting since Saturday; six days. I'm thinking brain tumour.

I shouldn't be blasé about it, I know, but I am because I don't want to play the victim or to really believe that I might have a brain tumour. That's Psychology 101, I think. Nor do I want to make a doctor's appointment. It's nearly Christmas and we're going to Australia and I don't want to find out I have a brain tumour before then.

I thought it was pre-menstrual. My PMT is such a temperamental bastard these days I wouldn't be surprised if a temporary brain tumour grew as part of it, out of sheer spite. A PMT tumour. But I got my period yesterday and the pain remained. Now I have blood and brain pain.

I have to teach dance tonight and I am in no fit state. But it's the second last class of the year and possibly my last class ever if... well, there are a few ifs. So I must take it.

There is an upside, though. I have always understood that bad comes with good. That's the deal. Nature abhors imbalance. So I'm thinking that this brain pain might mean good news on the publishing front. A brain tumour for a book deal. That seems fair.

I know. They don't publish idiots (or perhaps they do).

I have just made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Now I have to break the news to our first-born who will have to take the bus. The least he can do for my brain.