Monday, November 10, 2014

Congratulations Jack!

Congratulations to my friend and mentor Jack Ross, on being appointed editor of Poetry NZ. I have no doubt he will be a fine editor with exemplary taste, although he has resisted, so far, the urge to include any one of my poems in his journal -- early days yet.

Jack taught me almost everything I know on the creative writing front and inspired me to dabble in poetry, which had always seemed much too terrifying to me. And on this very blog poetry has become rather more than a dabble, and I have Jack to thank for that.

Jack may not want me to put this connection of ours about, but he's fairly safe there, as I have such a select few loyal followers that there is not much danger of it getting about far.

But this is not about me...

Well done Jack, and well done to Poetry NZ for selecting such a fine editor. Long may you prosper poetically and in every other way.


  1. Dear Sacha,

    I can't think how I missed this post when you first wrote it, almost a year ago now. Thanks for your kind words. I'm trying to bear them in mind now I'm in the final stages of our second yearbook issue (due out late Oct / early Nov).

    Great to see that your own writing is going so well!

    best, jack

  2. Never mind, Jack; what's a year between friends? It's good to hear from you at any time. And all the best for the yearbook; hopefully it's a satisfaction-and-stress-in-equal-measure sort of undertaking. I'll be sure to take a look when it's done. Any Morgan Bach? Love her work (as mentioned in a more recent post).

    Best wishes and all power to your pen,