Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What will break, will break

I wish I could film the wild wind today (I don't have the tech savvy -- or time). But it's certainly not laughing. Arguing, more like. Positively ranting it is. Something has provoked its wrath and it seems almost riotous with a wild rage, bending our tall, skinny-teen cabbage tree half over, this way then that, as if it were one of those toddler toys designed for the purpose of bending without falling for the fun of watching it bounce back. But there's no fun watching this tree bend or bounce!
What will break, will break (though the photo
doesn't do the power of the wind justice)

My maternal urges are provoked in sympathy for that long lean tree, a mere bean pole with a shaggy head. How it stands its ground in defiance of the mighty gale seems contrary to all laws of nature. But then, he (or she) is a teen, and defiance of the laws of nature is their speciality.

But all the same I feel the strength of its defiance fading and want to throw out a rope of support (presuming I had one). I wonder would it thank me, or might my interfering rope, intended to steady it from breaking, be the rope that broke the lean tree's back? For those that dare contend with the laws of nature rarely win (in my experience).

If this wind is sent to try me, as my teens most certainly were, then it's working. I think I'd better keep my rope to myself and let nature take its course. What will break, will break.    

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