Thursday, June 19, 2014

21 Today!

Now it's not me turning 21 today, it's our first born baby, Conor. And as he rarely deigns to read my blog, being too busy at the cutting-edge of the virtual world, I don't think he will mind my posting this picture of him when he was 18 months.

Yes, just 18 months young and such a knowing look, with a touch of that characteristic wry smile/smirk we have all come to know so well. In some ways he seems less grown-up today. Of course, that was before he began his comance (romance with the computer).You read it here first, folks.

Happy 21st Birthday, Con-pipe! We all love you to bits.

And welcome to the adult world -- I think you're going to love it (except for all the real-world stuff).


  1. Yes, I never tire of this photo – I have it right next to my phone at phone – the Brando shot, I call it.
    And yes, Happy Birth day, mate – I cannot believe you were born twenty one years ago - Tempus fugit!
    It’s moments like these that I wish my Mum was still around – she was a big fan of yours. You certainly brightened up her day.
    As I write this, my dear colleague, Shahzad, comes past my desk and I tell him of your birthday. He fondly remembers when you were born and now congratulates you and the profession you have chosen.

    Well done, Conor!

  2. This is very touching, especially Shahzad remembering when Conor was born. A dear colleague indeed.