Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Writers feel frail...

"Writers feel frail, powerful, godly, small, frustrated, infinite, limited, bewildered, afraid, uncertain, brave, certain -- we're all wounded ego, sure-footed on broken ground, craving respect and needing an audience, introverts who are extroverts who are introverts." 
Chuck Wendig

I only discovered I was a writer comparatively recently, though I have been writing all my life, just not exactly knowing it. I thought I was a dancer, then an academic, then a political activist; along the way, a mum (and wif). I still am all those other things, but not, I think, as much as I am, at heart, a writer. 

If I had read this definition of a writer in my youth, I would have known much sooner that I was a writer and saved myself a lot of time and frustration, methinks. I might even be published by now. But it still helps to know, better late than never, the peculiar, potentially potent contradiction that is a writer. 

Cheers Chuck.